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Frequent Questions

Can you migrate a website with no downtime?

Providing everything goes as it usually does then there will be little to no downtime. If requested we can conduct transfers late at night just in case anything were to happen.

A website migration creates a copy of your website on the new server, this all happens on the backend and will have no effect on the site. Once the copy is completed, then we just need to re-route your domain to the new server. Once propagation of the re-routing is completed, your site will show up instantly. 

Sometimes a domain re-route can take up to 24 hours to propagate around the internet but it's usually much less. While a domain change is propagating, it just shows the original version of your website until changed, hence why the should be no downtime.

If I transfer to you, are you then in charge of my website?

Absolutely not. Think of your website as a house. After the builders have finished building your house, it doesn't then mean they then own your house, it's completely yours. We just offer a safe, secure and affordable place to store your website!

We do however sell hosting packages where we can carry out some of the maintenance of your site for you, to take all of the stress off of you.

What is a WordPress Multisite?

WordPress Multisite is a very powerful platform. It allows you to administrate multiple different WordPress websites from one dashboard, even with different domain names. This allows you a lot more efficient management as you don't have to keep logging in and out of different sites as admin at different urls. 

Any WordPress website can be converted into a Multisite Installation for adding more sites. This requires a bit of setup and DNS configuration though so please allow us to do the hard work for you and get in touch.

Our company has changed names therefore our website domain needs to changed, can you do this for us?

Yes we can. A website domain name change can sometimes be quite a complex process. It's not as easy as just changing the domain name shown in the search engine browser. Every asset on your site will be routed into your website using your original domain including images, stylesheets & scripts. If you don't identify all of these links and change the domains for all of them, then your site may break.

We'll create a staging version of your site first to test out any changes, then only once we're satisfied that your site will be exactly the same as the original, we'll update the changes to live.

Can my website have 2 domain names?

No. Your website can only sit on one domain. However, you can set up other domains to route to the same website. 

You have to do this in certain ways so it protects your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and doesn't make browsers think there are multiple copies of your site. 

What is an addon domain?

Usually your hosting account is setup on one domain e.g. example.com. This is where you hold your website. 

You might have other domains you wish to convert into websites but do not wish to pay for more hosting as you have plenty of capacity for another website on your example.com account. 

You can add the new domain as an addon domain to the example.com account. This allows you to utilise the same hosting account for your new websites.  

You have to make sure however that you have enough space, RAM & bandwidth in your account to handle multiple websites. If you are unsure then please give us a message.

How do I get the Green Padlock to show in the browser of my website?

In order to get the Green Padlock showing in the browser when your website is displaying, you need to encrypt all data between the browser and your websites server.

You achieve this by way of a SSL Certificate. Any good hosting platform should provide these certificates as standard (we do!) and not charge additional fees for them. 

Sometimes they are included in your account however they might just need a little configuring. Get in touch with us to see what's the best method of securing your website. 

Is it possible to get a free SSL?

While all efforts should be made to try and install a SSL Certificate at the server level, there is a place for free SSLs.

Google has stated that websites now rank lower if the don't use HTTPS e.g. can't provide a secure connection with an SSL Certificate in place. If your website doesn't require any sensitive information from users (therefore nothing for hackers to steal) then why should you have to fork out for an expensive SSL Certificate? If you chat to us, we can use one of our secure approved CDNs and set up a front end SSL which will show the Green Padlock on browsers. 

Care must be taken however because as soon as your website starts to handle sensitive information, then this type of SSL will not secure users data.